Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

I sit here, writing to you, snuggled in new pajamas, cradling a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee in hand, while visions of white dance outside the windows. Picturesque. Sort of. In reality, my new pj's are cozy, but more for summer than winter. The coffee is hot, but the brew could be better (hey, I can complain as I bought and made it myself :)  ), and the weather outside may contain swirling snowflakes, but the ground is wet and muddy and the white stuff may not last too long. I'm too far south to have anything consequential stick. Oh well.

Today, a normally bustling, hustling day, will joyfully be spent inside. The kids are gleefully ensconced within their own happy Santa gifts, the husband is doing his own thing, and I get to curl up in front of the computer. To write? To edit? *shakes head with a smile* No. Neither. Today I'm going to read, read, read. I've collected a sweet little pile of stories from the recent ARE 12 days of Christmas book give-away, or whatever they titled it. Either way, I'm going to pamper myself today and immerse myself into anothers story.

Thank you to the many writers out there, who work hard at your craft to give the gift of storytelling to another.

Have a happy day-after, and a safe one at that!

Oh, and to those who celebrate it, Happy Boxing Day!

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