Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, What He Doesn't Know...

Okay, maybe it's just me, but I can become more turned on not by pretty words or flowers or even foot rubs (ooh, but that's a close one there), but by simply seeing a man in his element. By purpose or by coincidence, to watch a man, unnoticed, while he goes about his business is sexy as hell. He could be cooking, he could be working on a computer program, he could be mowing the lawn, it doesn't matter, really. There is something about a man who is focused on his task, who knows what he is doing, what he is about, that catches me. In my heart, and yeah, right *there*, too.

Earlier, I espied my man outside, in his flannel shirt, faded jeans, tousled hair, sitting in front of his lathe. His focus is entirely on the piece of wood he's transforming before him. Not me, not the weather, not anything but the whir of his machine and how his hands manipulate the tools to the block of wood, turning it into something amazing. Soon he cuts off the machine, stands up, stretches, *sigh* and brushes off the excess sawdust before sitting in a more relaxed position, now moving onto fine sanding or carving. His intensity is an aphrodisiac to me. When he comes inside the house, he'll smell of walnut or cherry or some other wood, and I can't help but bury my nose to his chest, wanting to strip him down right there, but instead dancing away with a low laugh as he trys to cop a feel with chilly hands. But man, later on, what he can do with those hands....whew.

So I keep it my secret, how I love to watch him work.

What about you? What seemingly innocuous task does a man perform that wets your whistle?

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