Thursday, December 9, 2010

In love with Writing Nights

I love nights like tonight...where, right after an early supper, I pack up my notebooks (paper and electronic), kiss everyone good-bye, and head out to my escape place to spend all night writing. I don't have to think about the dirty dishes, I don't have the dog nosing my hand off the keyboard, I don't have the cats climbing into my lap, and I don't have the well-meaning family member sticking their head around the corner with a, "sorry, don't mean to interrupt, but..."

*sigh* I'm in a happy place right now. We have a small cottage, if you will, where I dash off to, one or two nights a week. It's simple, small, has electricity, and most important, I am completely undisturbed. I mean completely. If I'm needed desperately, I can be contacted via phone, but it'd have to be life or death to bring me back to the house.

When I head out on nights like this, it takes me a little while to get into the writing frame of mind, almost as if I have to convince my muse that it can let go without worry of interruption (because doesn't it suck beyond belief to get into the "zone" of your scene/story and have someone or something barge in. You can never get back exactly to where you were). But once my muse is settled, it flies so far sometimes I have a hard time keeping up. I am able to write/edit/develop so much in just a small amount of hours it amazes even me.

Tonight I just about wrapped up the edits to a paranormal/futuristic (I'm not really sure what to call it yet), and man, is it hot! Raw, tense, a little scary, but with an ending of pure love. I cannot wait to tell you more.

Until later, hope you have good musings and your own undisturbed writing time~

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