Saturday, December 4, 2010


Do you, sometimes like me, wish for the simpler times? Yes, computers and technology and the web are great and necessary, but do you ever feel inundated with too much information?

For example, if I want a picture of, say, a bare-chested man, there are no less than thousands of pictures to flip through. Okay, this is not a complaint because, let's face it, it really isn't a hardship to sigh over thousands of bare chested men. Still, what started out as a five minute project turns into "damn, it can't be 5 a.m. already!"

All this to say that no, I have no bare-chested men on this blog, but I am busy working on my web site (when I should be writing, shame on me). I only pray that what should be a sweet and simple (ha!) endeavor doesn't derail my main purpose too much. That purpose being to bring to you highly erotic and fantasy-driven stories of love.

Hope you have a great day/evening~

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