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Celebrating Independence Blog Hop Starts Today!

Happy Week of July 4th! We're celebrating this week with a blow-out of a blog hop from The Blog Hop Spot. Click on the picture to the left to hop on over to the events page, where you'll see all the amazing authors participating in this event. 

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Today is Sunday, July 1. I am going to share with you a little free read I wrote a couple months ago. The title is Break-In. The inspiration, a picture of Joe Manganiello. *sigh* This is not a fan-fiction piece. This is a highly erotic m/f story (you are forewarned) that I hope starts your week off right. Enjoy!

                “What do you mean you didn’t think I’d be home? I live here,” Daniel scowled. 

            Becca fidgeted with the ties of her coat’s belt and wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I thought you’d still be at work.” 

            “So you could do what?” Daniel turned to face her and she blushed furiously. Apparently heading toward the shower, his body beckoned to be ogled while he stood before her draped only in a bath towel slung low around his hips. He stepped toward her, causing her to back up to the wall.

            He crowded her and set a knuckle under her chin. Although she could tell he was upset, she couldn’t help but sigh when her eyes met his. A part of her wanted to run, but she shook off those thoughts. She had to keep her courage or risk losing him forever. 

            “What’s your game, Becca?” he whispered. “I know we went out for a couple of weeks, but you’re the one who ran. You stopped taking my calls, you avoided me when I’d try to come up to you at the gym…” he broke off and stared at her like he was trying to figure her out. “I liked being with you,” he finished. She winced inside at how disappointed she’d made him. 

            “I’m sorry, Daniel. I didn’t know – I mean, I liked being with you, too.”

            His gaze dropped to her mouth. Her hope for a kiss died when he set his lips into a grim line. “You’ve got a funny way of showing how you like me.”

            “It’s just that…”

            “Never mind, Becca. For whatever reason, you don’t want to be with me. I can move on.”

            “I’m sorry - “ she interrupted again, but he ignored her plea. 

            “Right now I don’t even care how you got in to my apartment, I just want you to leave and never come back. I won’t date women who lie.” He dropped his hand from her chin and turned to walk away. 

            Tears pricked her eyes. “Wait,” she called out. Surprisingly he stopped, but he didn’t turn around. Momentarily distracted by the muscles of his back and the strong width of his shoulders, she jumped when he snapped out, “What do you want?”

            “You’re right,” she answered. “I did run. I was afraid…afraid to be with you.” 

            He turned slowly and faced her, his hands low on his hips. “What the hell have I ever done to make you afraid of me?”

            “Nothing. It’s just that, well, you’re so big and confident.” She gestured to his body. “When I see you at the gym working out, the girls fawn all over you. You could have any beauty there. I don’t know why you’d want to be with me?”

            “You can’t be serious?”

            His apparent shock surprised her and made her hurry on before she lost her nerve to tell him the complete truth. She did want to be with him, but she’d never feel comfortable if she didn’t lay all her cards on the table, so to speak. “Remember the last time we went out, how we went back to my place and, you know, necked on the couch?” His eyes focused in on her and she shivered. His look alone recreated the unbelievable desire she’d felt in his arms. “And we started touching each other?" she continued. "I could tell you wanted more, but I backed off and said you had to leave?”

            “Wait up.” He pushed his fingers through his hair. “Are you afraid I’ll push you for sex? Becca, if you’re not ready, that’s fine. I’m not going to push you for anything you don’t want or aren’t ready for. You’re telling me that’s why you’ve avoided me?”

            “Yes. I mean, no. Oh hell. I know you’d never force me, but you are gorgeous and I’m plain old Becca. I’m not a size two or six or whatever like the other women –“

            He cut her off by stepping right up to her and cupping her face. “Becca, let’s get one thing clear right now. I don’t want a size two girl,” he practically sneered the word. “What I want is a woman. What I want is you.”

            Becca’s breath hitched. He stood so close she could smell the mint of his breath and see the lighter brown flecks in his eyes. His chest crowded hers and her nipples tightened beneath her coat. 

            Please kiss me, she silently begged. 

            His words left no confusion in her mind. He did want her, and her acceptance of his words came like a gunshot at the start of a race. She let her desire flow and knew she would never walk away from this man again. 

            “But I’m not going to force you,” he stated, and backed away. 

            She grabbed his arm to keep him close. “I know.”

            He stroked her lips with his thumb. “Have you forgotten that I’m the one who asked you out? Did you ever realize I’d always come to you, not to any other woman around?”

            “I…it took me the past few days to get it, but yeah.” He leaned closer at her confession. She could feel his body from his toes to his chest and she bit back a moan, wanting him more than she could put into words.

            “So you broke into my apartment to tell me you were afraid of me because you aren’t paper thin?” His lips quirked. “Are you still afraid?”

            “No,” she sighed. “I screwed up, and I want your forgiveness, if you’ll give it. I want you in my life, Daniel, and I won’t run away again.”

            “How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

            “Because I came here to give you something. I wanted to surprise you.”

            He leaned in and barely touched her lips with his. “You’re nothing but surprises today. What did you bring?”

            She wrapped her arms around him, encouraging him to come closer. “Me.”

            He took her mouth with a kiss that made her head spin. While she reeled he reached between them and untied her coat. When he pulled it open he jerked back and she squeezed her eyes shut. Beneath the overcoat she wore a lacy pink babydoll and thong. Nothing else. She’d never worn such an outfit and even though he’d just told her he liked her body, he’d not seen so much of her before.

            “Oh, Becca,” he said with a breath gone heavy with desire. “You are beautiful.” She opened her eyes and melted at the way his gaze took her in. She grinned to see that he was about to lose his towel by the way his hard-on pulled the terry cloth away from his body.

            “When you say the surprise is you, you do mean in every way, right?” he asked. 

            She nodded, too excited to speak. She wanted to wrap herself around him and never let go. 

            “Good. I don’t want you to think I’m being pushy.” With a flourish that made her chuckle he threw his towel to the side, but her laughter died in her throat when she saw his thick cock. She had an impulse to reach out to try to wrap her fingers around it, but he stole that idea by stripping off her coat and backing her against the wall again. 

            “You seem to like me here,” she teased, surprised how easy the words came out.

            “It keeps you from running away,” he teased back. He lifted her arms and captured both her wrists over her head with one hand. With his other he skimmed down her body, rubbing across the silky material, over her ribs and down to her hip left bare from the skimpy outfit. Her mouth opened on a gasp and he wasted no time slipping his tongue between her lips. She let her body go lax under his ministrations. To think she’d almost let him go…

            He cupped one of her full breasts and massaged the flesh through the material. He broke away from their kiss. “Look at this, Becca.” She glanced down to see her breast held plump in his hand. He’d spread his fingers around her and she still spilled out. “This is the breast of a woman. My woman. I want someone I can hold onto, someone who can take all I give and not break.” He flicked her nipple and she whimpered at both the sensation and his words. He looked up at her. “I want you, Becca, but I need to know if you’re willing to be with me?”

            She pressed her breast against his hand. She’d give him anything he wanted and more. “Yes, Daniel. I am.”

            He crushed his mouth over hers and let his hand roam where it wanted. He played with her breasts, tweaked the nipples, ran his hand over her curves and palmed her ass. He pushed his cock against her belly and she moaned, pushing back. When he tugged at her thong and it broke, she didn’t care. The man she was quickly falling in love with loved her body, and from his confession, was probably falling in love with her as well. He truly wanted to be with her even though she wasn’t model thin. No other man had touched her and worshiped her like Daniel was doing now. 

            Her arms fell to his shoulders when he released her wrists. Keeping her head spinning with every touch, he bent down and suckled her breast through the silk. The heat of his mouth and the flick of his tongue over her covered nipple sent flames shooting through her, making her body heat up more and her pussy grow impossibly wet. 

            His palm settled over her mound and he ran his fingers through her slick folds. Parting her, he slipped a finger through her slit and teased her moist entrance. 

            “Yes,” she told him when he seemed to hesitate.

            He chuckled. “I’m not teasing you, baby. I’m learning your body. But I can do that later, can’t I?” he ended his question by thrusting a finger inside her. She cried out at the needed touch and went up on tiptoes. He added a second finger and her pussy started to feel stretched, especially when he did some kind of twist inside her that made her squirm and grind against his hand. 

            “That’s it, Becca,” he praised. “Move just like that. I’m going to take you right here. Are you ready?”

            She pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him fiercely. Thoughts could barely stay organized in her mind much less give her the ability to speak. 

            He pulled back from the kiss, breathing hard when he told her to wrap a leg around his hip.  When her leg settled where he wanted, he pushed his cock down and rubbed his length through her folds. “I’ve wanted you for months, Becca.” He laid his forehead against hers. “I was afraid you’d turn me down and it took me forever to get up the nerve to ask you out.”

            She wanted to laugh at the irony, but the magical way he shifted against her made her breath catch. 

            He set his palms on her ass and told her to wrap both legs around his waist.

            “Can’t I stand?” she asked. 

            “No, Becca. Are you going to insult me now? Do you think I can’t hold you?”

            She shook her head and did as he asked, her hands on his shoulders for leverage as he lifted her up to his waist. She wrapped her legs around him and jerked when the tip of his erection prodded her entrance. He held her still and lowered her down. As she took him in, her walls clenched and her nerves quaked with need. She whimpered his name and pressed her lips to his, demanding a kiss that he eagerly returned. When he followed this with a few shallow thrusts, she pulled her head back with a long groan. 

            “Hold on,” he warned. “I’m just getting started.” Instead of holding her still and thrusting into her as she’d imagined, he lifted and lowered her over his cock. She wouldn’t have thought such a difference could mean much, but as he increased the pace, she could hardly breathe from the overwhelming sensations taking over her body. When he started to thrust up on each of her glides down, her head hit the back of the wall and she squeezed her eyes shut. She’d never been taken like this before and the image had never seemed exciting. Now, as her impending release built at an amazing rate, she’d be happy to never have sex lying down again.

             “That’s it, baby. I can feel you tensing up around me. You’re a perfect fit for me, you know that? I knew it’d be this way.”

            Daniel shifted his hips and bucked into her from a new angle that shattered her in the first few thrusts. Her body tightened around his and she screamed his name, only to hear her own come back to her moments later. 

            She didn’t know how he had it in him, but he whispered to her to keep holding on, and carried them into his bedroom where they collapsed on the bed in an exhausted heap. 

            “Becca, I forgive you. But only if you promise to never run away from me again.”

            “Even if it means I can break in for this kind of forgiveness?”

            He chuckled and gathered her close with a tender kiss. “If that’s the case, you can break in anytime.”
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