Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

I trust you are enjoying your summer. Mine is HOT - in a most uncomfortable way. I can't remember a summer where the temperatures reached this hot, in many, many years. Days upon days of 100+. Give me something to cool down with, please. 

On the other hand, sometimes hot is a good thing. Take the smokin' hot summer sale going on over at Changeling Press all month. Buy any Seasonal Theme novella at Changeling Press in July and get 10 % off your whole order -- use the discount code ChristmasinJuly. Here is the direct link to the seasonal themed books:  

What else...? 

I turned my BDSM fairy tale into my editor. 

I'm beginning work on a Christmas short.

I've started reading James Rollins book, The Devil's Colony. Okay, I know I'm a book behind. Always have been. But that's because I started my "collection" of his books in paperback, so I have to wait a whole freakin' year to get his books in paperback after the hardcover releases. I'm going to eventually get all his books on my Kindle, but I'm not quite there yet. Knowing my OCD tendencies, I'll buy them for my ereader one at a time, beginning all the way over with his first release, and re-read them as I go. 

Take care, stay cool, and I'll see you tomorrow with some wise words of wisdom. 


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