Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Today I have some bits that come to you a little late, but I do have some terrific news to share as well!

  • This past Sunday I hopped over to Total E-Bound's blog, Hitting the Hot Spot. My post was on gutter minds - do you have one, too? It's never to late to drop by and leave your two cents. :)
  • Yesterday I was over at my bi-weekly spot at Castles and Guns. I love to sink my teeth into some non-romance books every now and again. James Rollins, anyone? 
  • The summer time heat has got to be getting to you by now. I've personally had more than my share of enough. Cool down with Changeling Press' Christmas in July sale. There's only one week left! The deets: buy any Seasonal Themed novella from CP, enter discount code ChristmasinJuly when you check out, and your entire order gets 10 % off! Don't forget to check out Emmy's Wish while you're looking. Lots of literal, ice-melting hijinks in this one! 
  • *Time for The Great News:* I have signed a contract for Serena's Prince with Changeling Press! Yea! As part of their Forever Wicked line, this story will be my take on The Frog Prince. Now, I know you're scratching your head - how can a frog be sexy? But something that's always bothered me about the original tale is how the girl throws the frog against the wall, he turns into a prince, and they live happily ever after. Really? If I were that prince, I'd be pissed as heck. Soooo, with that thought in mind, and tossing in some other cool elements, Serena's Prince emerged. Coming later this summer, expect a hot, intense, BDSM take on The Frog Prince. Serena's Prince: A frog, a curse, and a broken promise. Sometimes punishment can be it's own reward...

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