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Howloween Blog Hop Starts Today!!!

Happy Friday Everyone, and welcome to the Howloween Blog Hop! I am so excited to be a part of this blog hop! Before I get into the really fun stuff, let me tell you about my part. Beginning RIGHT NOW and lasting through midnight, October 29, 2012, you will have the opportunity to win one of two $10 gift certificates, from me. These GC will be for or, winners choice. 

How to enter: Comment on any of my blog posts dated October 26 through October 29, within these dates, with your name and email, and you're entered. That's it. I will accept one entry per day, so feel free to check back through the weekend. Please also be sure to leave me your name and email so I can notify you if you win. When the contest ends, midnight Oct. 29, I will collect all the valid entries and randomly choose 2 winners. I will then contact the winners between the dates of October 30 and October 31, and these lucky winners will be publicly announced on my blog on Friday, November 3.  Any questions at all, please ask before the contest ends!!

Now, speaking of hops, I'm going to start this one off with a great big hop - of the frog variety. I've recently had a release with Changeling Press entitled Serena's Prince, as part of their multi-author series, Forever Wicked. My tale is a take on the fairy tale of the frog prince. See, I'd always wanted to love the story of the frog prince, but the attitude of the girl and the fact that once she throws the prince, they declare everlasting love, always bothered me. If she's been unkind, she should be punished. If she tosses a prince, he's not about to fall into her arms. Maybe bind them to the bedposts first, but you get my drift. 

From these musings, Serena, and her frog-turned-prince, Prince Rennick, were born.

The following is a never-before seen excerpt from this tale, with a taste of BDSM and voyeurism/exhibitionism. Please, enjoy. 

Forever Wicked: Sernena's Prince, currently available from Changeling Press. 

Soon available at, and 

Erotic novella, adult fairy tale, paranormal, shape-shifter, BDSM, voyeurism/exhibitionism. 


Rennick leaned over and took one of Serena's breasts into his mouth, biting as he did so. “I still want to fuck you, Serena, many, many times before night comes. Don’t dawdle. I know you were close.” He worked her fingers back into her pussy and pumped her hand for her. “Take over,” he told her. “Fall apart in my arms while dear Henri watches what he cannot have right now.”

With the encouragement of both men and their expectations, she opened up and let go. She kept her eyes on Henri and admired his handsome body and recognizable actions. He’d spit into his hand periodically and fist his cock, pulling and jerking to a point she thought must be painful, but he didn’t stop. Her mouth watered, and she imagined having him here, too, with Rennick. Maybe she could suck Henri’s cock while Rennick… what would he do? Her mind flipped through possible positions, and she decided she liked the idea of sucking Henri’s cock while Rennick was beneath her, his own cock filling her pussy.

She placed a foot on the edge of the bench and made sure she was as open as she could make herself. She jerked when Rennick sucked hard on her breast. At the same time, she curled her fingers inside her and worked her thumb furiously over her extended clit. Henri nodded and pumped his cock harder. The myriad of sensations swamped Serena, and she came on a keening cry, making the birds in the trees take flight.

She’d barely had time to finish her orgasm when Rennick growled, “Stand up on this side of the bench, lean over and place your hands on the seat.”

She hurriedly did as he asked, responding to the impatience in his voice. He flipped her skirt to her waist and struck her bottom with the palm of his hand.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“For fighting me a moment ago when you saw Henri. I knew you would, but you have to remember you’re mine. Your body is mine. I don’t care if the entire castle comes by to see us fuck. It will be my decision, not yours. Understand?”

“Oh, Rennick, I don’t know?” Why was he bringing this up now? Her pussy throbbed, wanting another release. He hadn’t let her ride out her orgasm like she usually did.

He smacked her ass again, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Why was she allowing him do this to her? She’d never let any man do whatever he wanted. Not before last night, at any rate.

He rubbed his hands hard over her ass and down her thighs. When his fingers snaked between her legs and teased open her slit, she looked over her shoulder at him.

“What’s your response?”

His eyes bored into hers, and she knew everything he said was true. She would let him do anything. She wanted to see the smile on his face, hear the praise from his lips, know that she alone could give him what he needed.

“Yes, my lord,” she whispered. And there it was. His lips tilted up and his smile made her heart sing.

He placed kisses over her bottom and spanked her again, but it wasn’t as hard as he’d done the night before. After he spanked her, he rubbed the spot, kissed it, then tickled her needy pussy. He did this so often her knees trembled. “Please, my lord,” she begged. “Please take me.”

He set a hand on her back, pushing her chest down and kicked her feet wide. He guided his cock into her entrance and thrust hard. She cried out, her walls spasming around him as he filled her up.

“Serena, watch Henri,” he whispered.

With dazed eyes, lost in the feel of him sliding within her, she lifted her head. Her gaze locked with Henri’s and Serena gasped. He looked near his own release, his tight fist pumping his cock rapidly while his eyes seemed to eat up her and Rennick’s actions.

“Don’t wiggle, Serena. Just let me fuck your pussy. You are so fucking tight. Henri will come soon. Watch him.”

No problem -- she couldn't take her eyes off the man. As Rennick increased his thrusts inside her, Henri bowed his back, stiffened, fisted his hand tight at his base, and came with a howl. Ropes of white cum shot into the air and the bushes nearby. Little drops clung to his cock and coated his hand as he continued to slide his fingers over himself. She opened her mouth and licked her lips, a new desire overcoming her to clean him as she'd cleaned Rennick earlier.  


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