Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Sneak-Peek

Okay, so I'm sneaking in a last-minute post today. I wasn't supposed to; I really didn't have the time, but I do so much want to share something special with you. Besides, it'll give you another chance to enter to win my contest in the Howloween Blog Hop. All you have to do is comment with your name and email to enter. Details are on Friday's post (Oct. 26). Good Luck!

On November 15, I have a new novella coming out entitled Office Work. This story is unlike any I've ever had published. Why? Let's put it this way, romance is on the very back burner here. We're talking m/f/f/m/m. This story is meant to melt your clothes off and that's about it. But hey, we all need a good quickie every now and then, right?

Office Work is super short (around 6K), super hot, and perfect for those few minutes you have for lunch break. I am sporting an evil grin, however, thinking of what kind of shape you'll be in when you return to work after reading this story.

The premise behind this story began with a Flash Fiction challenge on the Changeling Press yahoo loop: Someone is talking dirty on the phone at work and you overhear. What do you do? 

Well, I imagined Roger, a hard worker, overhearing his co-worker. This is only the beginning of what transpires. Enjoy this sneak-peek taste of what to expect from the employees in this office...

(Warning: Explicit Excerpt)

"I want you on the floor, your head between my legs, your mouth eating out my cunt."

Roger blinked and peeked around the corner office he'd just passed. There sat Melinda, proper as ever, a cell phone pressed to her ear. He'd never figured her as one for phone sex. When she continued to sit still, yet moan as if she really wanted her pussy licked, he had a wicked urge to help her out.

"Yes, honey," she spoke into the receiver. "Just like that. You can fuck me later. Keep licking. Umm..."

Her words were right, just...not every enthusiastic. You had to be enthusiastic to have phone sex, or else what was the point? He cringed when she moaned again. Even that didn't sound real. No, to let her continue in this monotone would be a sin.

He snuck in, closed her door, and waited for her to turn around and acknowledge him. When she didn't, but continued to direct the unknown person on the phone, Roger'd had enough. He spun he chair around, making her gasp. He shook his head in warning and dropped to his knees. He liked that he'd shocked her. Behind her prim glasses, her big, brown eyes stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights. 

"Roger," she scolded silently but stuttered into the phone, "Oh...No, sorry. I'm here. You are, ah, so good." Roger chuckled at the way she exaggerated the word so

"I like it when you do that," Melinda said into the phone. "You know. When you, um, stick your tongue in me."

Oh, he could not wait to play out her words. Locking eyes with her, daring her to stop him, Roger yanked her hips to the edge of her chair, shoved up her dove gray business skirt and pressed his mouth right up against her pussy.

"No, stop! No, not you. You can keep talking. I mean you can't...oh. I don't...oh. My. God. Yes!"

Roger held her hips as she put up a struggle, but she couldn't fool him. Talking trash might not be her thing, but the words had an effect on her. Her panties were soaked with her juices, and he licked her hard. Once she stopped fighting him, he pulled aside the underwear and let his tongue lave her very tasty slit. 

Her breathing kicked up a few notches and instead of pushing hm away, her long fingers tugged on his hair, urging him for more.

He readjusted both of them, ripped the panties, and set himself to feast. "Keep talking," he growled against her. "I like your voice."

"Oh, yes. Umm, that feels so fucking good. I like it when you flick my folds." He followed her verbal directions, half-heartedly wondering if these came from her or from the unknown jack-off. She whimpered when he hit a sweet spot and he decided he didn't care. If it'd make her melt under his tongue, he'd take anybody's direction. 

"More. Yesss. Now my clit. Suck it. Take it between your lips and --" Her words ended on a ragged groan when Roger inserted a finger into her tight, dripping cunt. God, he couldn't wait to fuck her. Knowing someone heard what she felt -- what he was doing to her -- turned him on like nothing else had. 


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Tune in next Sunday for another sneak-peek of Office Work, and don't forget about the blog hop!


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