Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Much news to share today!

  • First, I am officially - here on my blog - sharing the news that Forever Wicked: Serena's Prince, received a Lovely Rose review from Romancing the Book. This is equivalent to a 4 star rating! The reviewer states, "As I read this adult fairy tale, I felt myself experiencing the joy of reading the same story as a child and hoping that love would beat all." This part of her review really touched me because, as you may know if you follow my back stories, I picked the tale of the frog prince specifically because I remember this as child and wanted more. Of course, my version is a very erotic side of the story, but the fact remains I wanted to expose a love story between the woman and the frog-turned-prince. Not just a you-threw-me-but-I-love-you kind of story.

  • I've talked about Flash Fiction Friday's on the Changeling Press Yahoo group before. If you've not stopped by yet, what are you waiting for? Fun things happen, and transpire, and are inspired during these weekend romps. In fact, I have a new release in a few weeks that stems directly from one of the flash fiction weekends. The upcoming story is Office Work, and it comes from the weekend of August 25. The theme was: you overhear someone talking dirty on the phone at the office. What do you do? Read my Coming Soon page to find out a little more, and click here to read the first snippet of this very short, very hot, very erotic tale, where every and anything goes in this office. 

  • Want to get your books at a discount? Changeling Press is always offering discounts on their books. Every week you can get a discount on new releases just by signing up to the Changeling Insider (Instructions: 1) Go to http://changelingpress.com/login.php   2) login with your password and username   3) select Edit Account Information   4) select "Subscribe Me!". Also, with October being breast cancer awarness month, check this out: Use Code Aware2012 on your next order and get 5% off any order - and Changeling Press will match funds for Breast Cancer research!

  • The Howloween blog hop is coming next week! I'll be giving away two gift certificates and have much lined up for the hop. Be sure to check it out!

  • I'm taking part in the TRS Spooktacular Party later this month as well, with a prize given of 1 ebook of your choice from my backlist. Don't miss this!

Have a great day!!

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