Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 2 Blog Hop - Passion, in pictures

What a glorious Saturday it is today! Welcome to my blog and I do hope you're enjoying yourself in this Easter Blog Hop. These really are a great way to meet others out there with *gasp* like minds. ;-)

Remember to visit the other blogs, and all you need to do to enter my contest is leave a little message. 

Today, being Saturday, is picture day on my blog. My theme for this particular post is Passion. This word flitted through my mind the other day, hooked a snag, and exploded in amazing detail of what passion is and what it means to me. I wish to share this with you today. 

Passion is when you and your lover reach that point where nothing else exists but each other (for the purpose of this post, I refer to a couple, even though passion knows no number or gender)

 It’s the complete eyes on you, 

hands on you, 

having to have your next breath with you intensity.

Outside worries, cares, sounds, sights...disappear. 

It's a tunnel vision of lust and love

all you can see, hear, touch, taste, BE is with that other person. 

And if we're caught in this passion, the intrusion is written all over our faces. Leave us alone, we would say if we could form words. 

We cannot wait to re-immerse ourselves with our lover.

Here's to wishing you a passion filled day, weekend, Make the best of it.

What fills you with passion? I'd love to know...


  1. Your post and pictures sum up passion! Do they not say, a picture is worth a thousand words? Yours tell there stories and scream passion! :)

  2. Well, I'm passonate about reading a good romance.
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  3. I love your pictures and they definitely show passion.
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  4. Loved the pictures!

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  5. Very creative pictures. Thank you for sharing your passion. Mine would be books, romances with HEAs, although chocolates come a very close second! :o) Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Sexy pics! Thank you for sharing.

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