Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's News & Updates

Wow. It's already mid-month. Of April. The time does fly away. Here in the deep south the weather is waffling like crazy. I mean, some nights going down into the 30's and the days are hitting in the 90's. You have to carry a change of clothes with you all the time! 

Other than carrying suitcases around with me, I'm staying a busy bee. Here's a look at what's up with me lately:

  • My new website is LIVE! The URL is pretty simple - http://www.aylaruse.com   If you haven't had a chance to check it out, don't put it off another minute. Click here to head straight on over. 
  • *Contest* Yes, I am running a contest right now on my website. To celebrate my site's launch, I'll be giving away 2 gift certificates for $10 each to two lucky winners. GC's to where? It will be winners choice of either Amazon.com or Barnes and Nobel.com. Details are on the home page of my site. 
  • I'm hot and heavy into my next story - a BDSM take on a fairy tale for the Changeling Press Forever Wicked multi-author series. Click here to see what's out already in the series. What's my fairy tale? {wicked grin} you'll have to stay tuned to find out. Let's just say a spoiled female gets her comeuppance in a way she'll not soon forget...
Whew. That's it for the immediate. I do have a few other notes to share up my sleeve, but it's still early. I'll reveal my secrets in due time. ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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