Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

 Hello, Tuesday. It is absolutely amazing how time flies around here. Long gone are the days of "I'm bored," and "there's nothing to do." Now it's all about "there's not enough hours in a day." 

Okay, so what's happening with me this week? Take a peek...

  • My website will debut this Friday. I am super-excited. Check back on Friday for the link and some bonus information. Maybe even a contest...

  • How does Buy 1 Get 5 Free sound to you? Great, right? This could be you. All you have to do is hop over to Total E-Bound and purchase your copy of The Fires of Beltane, and you'll be entered in TEB's Scared Stiff Contest for a chance to win 5 ebooks! For contest details, click here.

  • Bad Gone Better, the second Doppelganger story with Changeling Press, is turned in. Release date will be this summer. Details to come... 

  • I've started work on two - count 'em - two stories. They're at complete odds with one another in content, theme and even genre, so it'll be interesting to see if I can work this way. If not, *shrug*, I'll concentrate first on my story for Changeling Press' Forever Wicked series. 

  • I have a WINNER!!! Huge congratulations to Brandi S. She won her choice of one copy of Good Gone Bad or The Fires of Beltane. How did she win? She commented on one of my blog posts for the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop this past weekend. Thanks, Brandi, and big hugs!!
Have a great week, everyone, and take care ~ Ayla


  1. Oh my gosh. Give me some of whatever you're taking, because I need your energy! I can't WAIT to see your website. And I'm really looking forward to the second Doppleganger book. :) Bad Gone Better is an awesome title.


  2. Thank you!! I had fun doing the blog hop and visiting your blog!

  3. Marie, Let's just say that sleep is overrated. ;)

    Brandi, you're so welcome. Blog hops really are fun, you see so many new authors and have the chance to win great prizes. Enjoy The Fires of Beltane.