Monday, April 2, 2012

New Release: The Fires of Beltane

I am super-excited today as it's the debut of my brand new release with Total E-Bound. Part of the Scared Stiff Collection, this is an erotic horror romance, and one you definitely don't want to miss - especially if you're interested in trying something a little new. Read on for more info and a super-hot excerpt!

by Ayla Ruse

Genre: Horror/Menage a Trois/Thriller
Erotic Rating/Sexometer: Total-e-burning/3

What was supposed to be a celebration of life turns into a festival of fear...

Natalie Devonshire is nervous about attending the invitation only, annual Beltane feast. She’s heard it can be wild and naughty and though intrigued, she plans only to observe. That is, until she meets handsome William Zapata, who convinces her that trying something new can be as fun as it is daring.

William’s been coming to this festival for several years, for one reason only—to spend time with his sometime lover. When he meets Natalie outside the gates, his interest is immediate. He’s drawn to her, and as backward as this celebration makes their introductions, his intention is to keep seeing her long after the festival ends.

Not all is a bed of roses, however. Some attendees see the festival as a way to meet needs of a darker nature. Beltane not only has a history rich in fertility and life, but also has historical ties with the occult. This includes human sacrifice and all the necessary preparations are in order. When people begin to disappear and death explodes around the celebrants, panic ensues.

Trapped and confused, can Natalie and William find out who is behind the destruction of this celebration and stop the spiralling events before they become part of the sacrifice themselves? And when all is said and done, will the attraction between them be strong enough to last, or will they discover their interest was fleeting and best left burning with the fires?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of orgies, gay/lesbian intimacies, anal sex, public sex, the occult, blood and murder. Not for the faint of heart.


A midnight cloak settled with a heavy whisper over bare shoulders. Pale hands slipped a simple mask, painted intricately in red and orange, over a solemn face. Without a sound, the figure collected a heavy bag and eased open the hidden door.

The layout of the area had long been memorised and was used often, so the sudden loss of light as the entrance closed came as a welcome embrace. In practiced moves, as if blindfolded, the cloaked figure knelt, opened the bag, pulled out a small case and struck a match. The stinging scent of sulphur permeated the air and the person inhaled, relishing the odour. The person then lit the few candles set on a small altar and murmured quiet words.

“Greetings, divine Fallen One. It is I, your servant. We are but four days away from the great Beltane. Only four days until we will unite as one to bring forth a new age in your unholy majesty.”

The figure looked down, intently, as if listening for a response. After a few silent moments, the figure reached into the bag again and brought forth a glass jar. Opening the top, the figure sniffed at the contents.

“Yes. It still carries a fresh scent, even though it came from the sacrifice two weeks ago.”

On the tiny altar, where the candles burned without flickering, sat a larger, plastic container filled halfway with some kind of red paste.

Working intently, the figure added the thick, pungent contents of the glass jar to the container on the altar.

With smooth chants of praise and worship, various powders were added and mixed with a thick, wooden stick.

Once finished, the figure capped the jar and the container, then blew out the surrounding candles.

“Until Beltane, My Dark Master,” the figure said, and left the small room.


Natalie had never had a voyeuristic experience before, just as she’d never been an exhibitionist or had sex with a stranger before. But everything since coming into this place had turned her primal—just as William had forewarned—and her morals and codes didn’t matter. Tomorrow she’d go back to being a proper and correct young woman. Tonight, she would give herself over to the masses and she welcomed every aspect.

William touched her thong and explored her body through the silk. He tugged on the back and the material tightened over her swollen clit and scraped against her anus. She went up on tiptoes, laying her head back against William’s strong shoulder.

“Touch me more,” she begged. “Please touch me.”

The masks prevented them from doing more than touch with their hands, but she didn’t care. Although she would have loved to see William and kiss him senseless, the masks made everything surreal.

“Watch,” he reminded in a low, husky breath.

She lifted her head and he bumped their bodies towards the front of the crowd, until they were maybe a dozen feet away from Sonya and Whitlock. Shadows and light played over their bodies, twisting and rearranging the sight until it seemed to Natalie the couple embodied the entire meaning of sex.

“I want to fuck you tonight,” William said against her ear.

“Fuck me now.”

“I can’t. No one can until Sonya and Whitlock finish.”

“Don’t tell me that,” she groaned.

He chuckled and rubbed the silk between her legs. “Don’t worry. I’ll find you. Later. After you’ve had others.”

“I don’t want others.”

“You’ll need others, Natalie. Trust me. If I take you first, you’ll want someone else after. Not going to happen because when I come for you, I won’t leave.”
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