Sunday, April 8, 2012

Final day of Easter Blog Hop!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I trust your Sunday is looking lovely. It’s beautiful here.

Today is the final day for the Easter Blog Hop. If you haven't checked out the great authors participating, well, what are you waiting for?

As for my contest (just leave a comment), on Monday, I will collect all the names of those who've commented during the past three days on the Blog Hop posts and randomly choose a winner. I'll let you know (make sure to leave me an email, please), and I’ll post the winner on Tuesday in my Tuesday's News and Updates Posting.

To leave you for this day, I give you words. Precious, scintillating, loving…words.

Enjoy them, as I've very much enjoyed bringing these words to you.


Natalie’s body, her mind, her entire being, floated back into surreal surroundings once more. The scream she’d thought she’d heard faded to be replaced by sweet moans and sighs as William laid her back on her cloak and kissed every inch of her body.

“I want my kisses on your skin, Natalie,” he told her. “I want you to feel me. I want your body to know only mine.”

His possessive words skittered across her mind and even though it excited her, it also frightened her. They’d only just met, after all, and for him to profess such obsession made her nervous, yet still heightened her desire for him.

Rosa blushed furiously. She’d never exposed herself so blatantly without someone being right there. The distance between them made her feel like she was on public display, and damn if that thought didn’t turn her on more.

“You are so pretty, Rosa. All tan and pink. I can almost see everything. Reach down and touch yourself. Spread your lips, show me your pussy, Rosa. Show me how much you miss me.”

Rosa slid both hands down the insides of her thighs and kept her eyes locked on Dominic’s face. She ran her fingers through the soft hair on her mound then dropped them lower. She covered one hand with the other as a teasing shield and slipped a finger between her folds. Her eyes widened at her wetness.

“No hiding. Show me everything. Touch yourself. I’m not going to tell you what to do. I want to see what you do.”

“I want you to get up on the bed, on your knees,” Trey ordered softly. 

“Oooh, hands and knees?” Emmy asked as she hopped up on the sheets.

“No, baby. Sit on your knees and raise your hands over your head.”

“Okay, like this?” she imitated the pose he wanted. 

“Yeah. You are one beautiful Elf, Emmy.”

She blushed. “Thanks.”

He stood at the side of the bed, easily reaching the rope, and wrapped it around her upturned wrists… The rope grew taut and pulled her until her spread knees barely touched the bed…

Deidre wasn’t used to speaking openly like this during sex. Their sexual encounters were usually pants and grunts and incoherent and chopped phrases. Something about Camden in this form called out to her. Not to his soul, not to anyone else, but to the woman who was Deidre Parker. Her inhibitions, already lowered, hit baseline.

Moments stretched out. She glanced over her shoulder and saw him standing behind her, gazing at every inch of skin she’d exposed. Smiling a woman’s smile at how he stood transfixed, she widened her knees and dipped her back.

Yvette pushed her hips back away from Thorn. What was going on? She didn’t want sex. Did she? She didn’t even know this male. Wait. What were they doing here? She had to take him somewhere, didn’t she? There was something they had to do.

His firm grip massaged her hips.

That’s right. She wanted to… she wanted to…

Pictures of how he’d feel deep inside her as she sat on him flooded her mind. Yes, that was it. I want to have sex with him. I need to have him deep inside me.

Their eyes met. Similar desire surged between them. A part of her screamed this was crazy. She didn't go around having sex with every male she met. But this was no ordinary male. This would be no ordinary sex. She was burning up from the inside out, and her life depended upon getting him inside her. 

“Are you ready for more?” he teased.

“I don’t know if I can take it.” Despite her words, Laya knew it didn’t matter what she wanted. Her body had already become his to command.

 “Theradon,” she panted…

He lifted his head, smiled darkly, and she gasped. Her juices coated his lips and his chin. He looked feral, but she didn’t fear his beast. Theradon looked like a man who desired a woman. The way she’d always dreamed of a man looking at her. His blue-green eyes swirled in a storm of intensity. Oh, hell, he could do whatever he wanted to her if it would keep that look on his face.

“I’m with Luke, Aly. Answer his question,” Sawyer pushed. “I’m curious myself.”

“I…um…” She took a swallow of water.

“She has that look in her eye, doesn’t she, Luke?”

“Yes, I’m seeing it.” Luke’s voice dropped an octave and Aly shivered, turning her eyes down to stare at the ice cubes in her glass.

“She would have done us both, behind our backs.”

The fact that they’d hit the nail on the head startled Aly and her head snapped up before she could tell herself to remain calmly oblivious. “Done both what? Does it feel hot in here to you? You should get your air conditioner fixed, Sawyer. Uh, you know what, it’s getting late. I need to go. I guess I’ll run into you, whenever, right? Bye.”

As she spoke, she busied herself, setting down her glass, picking up her bag and moving towards the door. She hardly touched the knob when Sawyer’s arm shot out next to her head, his hand slamming against the door, effectively blocking her escape. At almost the same time, Luke’s hand landed opposite, trapping her between the men. She turned and set her back against the door. So much testosterone in such close proximity was simply overwhelming. She couldn’t back down. No, she had to hitch up her panties, as damp as they were, and tell them what’s what.

“Look, guys. I need to go and all this macho crap is just that, crap.”

“It isn’t to us. And you still haven’t picked,” Sawyer said.

She’d had enough. The tension in the air was so thick she couldn’t think straight. She wanted them, but didn’t want to want them. And they acted like they wanted her, but wanted her to choose and that idea was beyond laughable. Their postures, their demands, their …their…testosterone, made her snap. “Forget it. I won’t pick, I’ve already told you that. I like each of you too much. I’d just as soon sleep with both of you at once than have a fight over who’s going to be with me one-on-one.” 

Silence fell. Seconds ticked by. The world seemed to completely stop.


And…that’s all for today. It’s been fun!


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  6. I enjoy them very much! Their so Hot, why do you tease meeeee! I just want to get my Hands on them Oh! so Sad. Your really good, thank you.